Get all the pro tips you need to raise a great pup!

Are you ready to raise a GREAT puppy? Join us for this fun and informative seminar!

Based on the latest research and thought leadership, you’ll get all the pro tips and tricks you need. We’ll keep it lively as we cover the very latest info on house training and puppy raising. Starting pups off right makes all the difference. 

Geared toward those planning for a new pup and those with pups 5 months and younger. Families report back that attending this seminar has made a big difference in their puppy rearing strategies and confidence! 

Topics Include:

  • Life Hacks for Raising a Great Pup!

  • House Training

  • Puppy Biting  & Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Happy Crating

  • Bonding with Humans

BONUS:  Enrollment in the seminar includes one month in our WAGD Puppy Support Group.  This private Facebook group is moderated by WAGD trainers who answer your questions and do bi-weekly Facebook Live sessions.  It’s an amazing resource for puppy owners. 

This seminar is offered online or in-person (select dates).  The fee is $35 per couple (any two family members) for the in-person seminar or $35 per family for the online seminar.  We hope you’ll join us!

If those dates don’t work for you, take a look at what our online version offers.  It’s a great value!

Course Preview


Get Ready to Train!

Introduction to Week 1

Clicker Magic

Name Game



Holding the Sit Position

Settle on the Mat (Place)

The Right Reward is Key

Practice Homework

Week 2 Introduction

How to Warm Up

Moving to the Mat

Say Please

Orient to Handler for Leash Walking

Yielding to Leash Pressure

Follow Me

Non-Greeting with People

Enrichment for Your Dog


Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 3

Attention in the Face of Distraction

Leash Handling

Casual Leash Walking

Managed Leash Walking


Coming When Called

Cookie Jar Rewarding

Four on the Floor Greetings

Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 4

Turn Away

Introducing Stay

Leave It!

Canine Body Language

Handling Practice

Puppy Play Biting / Bite Inhibition

Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 5

Managed People Greetings for the Social Butterfly

Casual Leash Walking – Passing Distractions

Managed People Greetings for the Cautious Canine

Leave It with Objects

Introducing Stay with Distance

Nutrition Steps

Practice Homework

Introduction to Week 6

Stay with Helper Distraction

Try Out a Dog Sport – Agility

Try Out a Dog Sport – Nose Work

Try Out a Dog Sport – Tricks (Spin)

Try Out a Dog Sport – Tricks (Rollover)

Learn About Other Dog Sports and Activities

Dog Activity – Therapy Dog