Frustrated with puppy biting?  

Tired of cleaning up accidents?

New puppy coming home?

Want the best for your new pup?


Start your pup off on the right paw! Now is the time to equip yourself with the all strategies you’ll need to raise a great pup! This online seminar is ideal to watch before (or shortly after) you bring your pup home. You’ll learn all the pro tips and tricks you’ll need. We keep it lively and fun as we cover the very latest, scientifically proven strategies for puppy raising. 

What puppy owners say about this seminar


Great Class

All the videos are great and perfect length and detail for what we need.

Lydia K.

This was a fantastic seminar!

I learned why he was biting me so much and great ways to redirect him to stop doing that! Thank you!

Margaret D.

Very Helpful

This was very helpful! It talked about a lot of things that make sense but were things I wouldn’t have thought about!

Allsion B.

Great Seminar

Great seminar. I had done a lot of research prior and thought I knew all I needed to know. But this seminar provided some great info about the science behind the behavior and solutions, and provided really valuable information.

Julie B.

Very helpful

I’m so glad I watched this! I’ve learned a lot-some things I was doing well and lots to improve on!

Tricia B.

You need this!

If you’re a first time puppy owner this is a must, I feel a lot more confident now

Diana R.

Puppy 101

Wish I would have found What a Great Dog sooner!!!

Tammy T.

Enroll for just $35 and get:

* Immediate access to the full online seminar, with the ability to share with your family and rewatch as many times as you like within the six months following enrollment. 

* One month of direct access to a certified professional trainer. You’ll get answers to all your specific puppy problems and questions through a private Facebook group just for seminar participants.   

* Facebook Live Q&A sessions every 2 – 3 weeks with Maureen Patin, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and the Founder/Head Trainer of one of the largest dog training schools in the United States. 

Your Instructor

Founder & Head Trainer

Maureen Patin CPDT-KA

Maureen Patin is the Founder and Head Trainer of What a Great Dog Training Centers in the Dallas area. She leads one of the largest dog training teams in the country. She and her team of credentialed trainers teach 200 in-person classes every week and work with over 4,000 dogs every year. She utilizes positive, reward- based training methods to help people achieve lasting results with their dogs. She firmly believes that making training fun for both the dog AND person produces the best results.