Charlotte Schuessler joined the WAGD team in 2024. She has long been fascinated with human and animal behavior, and got her start in dog training in 2017 through training her own service dog, a Dalmatian named Daisy Mae. Charlotte helped Daisy Mae overcome issues such as car anxiety and prey drive towards small pets to become an exemplary dog, and began training dogs professionally in 2022. She graduated early from the University of North Texas in 2023 with a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, and is starting her Master of Social Work program in Fall 2024 at the University of Texas at Arlington to continue her pursuit of supporting individuals and families and exploring the connections between animals and mental health. Charlotte combines her experience working with dogs and expertise in human behavior to make “mini dog trainers” out of every client. In her work, she emphasizes compassion and effectiveness, and she especially enjoys working with reactivity, public access, and integrating dogs with children and other animals. She is currently working towards her CPDT-KA credential, and will be pursuing her CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, and CSAT credentials next.
Charlotte has significant experience with other species as well. She founded All Pearls Animal Rescue in 2023, a 501(c)3 nonprofit which focuses on exotic and small mammal pet species, and she houses no fewer than a dozen animals at all times. She also trained livestock for FFA, including preparing for the show ring, performing tricks, and desensitization. Her personal tagline is, “If it’s alive and has behaviors, I love it and work with it!”