Cindy Dalton has been competing in flyball since early 2008, starting with her rescue cattle dog Bentley. The club she competes on, BreakThrough, is the 3rd all time fastest team in U-FLI flyball, and 4th fastest in the world. BreakThrough travels to the U-FLI Tournament of Champions and in 2022 placed second in Division 1. She currently has four border collie/whippet mixes and a border collie.

Cindy started teaching flyball classes at Dog Quest in Lewisville in 2014 and started at WAGD in early 2017. Her philosophy is for dog and handler to have fun together and deepen their bond and learn to work as a team. She has worked with a wide variety of dog breeds, some not often seen in flyball including French bulldogs and a Xoloitzcuintli! Her retired flyball border collie, Myles, assists with training advanced dogs in class.

Before working as a flyball trainer, Cindy worked for American Airlines for 19 years and graduated from University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.