Ryan joined WAGD in May of 2011, teaching Agility and Pet Manners classes. Ryan worked in the commercial construction industry for 22 years.

When she earned her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer)  in 2013, Ryan left the corporate world to pursue her dream of working with and training dogs as a full-time profession. Ryan’s utilizes positive reinforcement training methods, including clicker training and free shaping. She has a reputation of running classes that are as fun for the people as they are for the dogs!

Ryan lives in Allen with two dogs; Australian Shepherd, Ping and Border Terrier, Bunker. Both of the dogs currently run in agility and Bunker is on his way to his conformation championship. All of her dogs have always had golf-themed names. Previous dogs were named Divot, Bogey, Driver and Caddyshack.