10 Gift Ideas for the Dog Lovers in Your Life!

In this blog, Ashley will go over the top 10 gifts any dog lover will enjoy! There’s nothing quite like the bond between a human and their dog, and nobody knows this better than a dog lover! After all, Dogs bring us so much comfort and joy, especially around the holidays. For those who have friends that are hard to shop for, but LOVE their dog, you can’t go wrong with these ideas! In no particular order, here are 10 great gifts for dog lovers and their dogs! 

Note: The first 7 gifts can be purchased at our WAGD retail shops. Call ahead and we will be happy to gather your holiday goodies for you and run it to your car when you arrive!

🎁 #1. Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide To Understanding Your Best Friend by Lili Chen

Dogs communicate with so much more than barks and tail wags, and misreading doggie body language makes life challenging for dogs and their humans. This small but mighty book is your perfect illustrated guide to seeing and understanding the subtle visual cues and interpreting the behaviors used by your beloved pup to express how they’re feeling. The more we notice and listen to what our dogs are trying to tell us, the more we can improve our relationship with our best friends, helping them to feel safe and happy.

🎁 #2. What A Great Dog! Gift Card

Why not give the gift of a well trained dog? What A Great Dog! Training Center gift cards are good for in-facility, online training classes or retail products at WAGD. You can purchase an e-gift card now by clicking here.

🎁 #3. West Paw Toppl

The Toppl is the ultimate boredom buster for puppies and dogs of all ages. Simply stuff with something wet like canned dog food or yogurt, mix some of your dog’s kibble and freeze. This toy can be used in your dog’s crate, when you’re watching TV, during meal time and more. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

🎁 #4. Clicino Clicker Ring

The Clicino Clicker Ring is a convenient clicker that fits on your finger like a ring, freeing up your hands while ensuring that you always have a clicker at the ready. This product is perfect for those who are currently training their dog or for those just starting their training journey. Watch this short video of Maureen Patin demonstrate this product!

🎁 #5. Rapid Rewards / Trek & Train Treat Pouches

These treat bags give years of service, and can be used during training, outings, and anything that comes up while enjoying life with dogs. Both bags have a magnetic closure letting you open and close with one hand with ease. There’s also compartments on both (great for credit cards, keys, or pickup bags). I use this pouch on my outings every day with my dog and I am confident ANY dog lover will put this bag to great use! 

🎁 #6. Auto Dog Mug

This portable dog mug works great in class, on hikes, and fits in car cup holders! Simply fill with water, squeeze bottle to fill, then release to drain the extra water back into the water bottle! It’s made in the USA from food-safe, BPA-free plastic. We have a sample Auto Dog Mug out on display to demo, so come check it out!

🎁 #7. Scratch Pad Nail Filer 

Take the fear out of nail trimming with this handy tool! The Scratch Pad can help form a positive association to filing a dog’s nails. We’ve created a short video for those of you who are interested in how it works.

🎁 #8. Dog DNA Kit

Doggie DNA kits give the dog lover in your life a chance to learn all about their dog’s breeds and ancestry. These kits can also provide information on genetic health concerns. We hear really good things about the Wisdom and Embark DNA kits.

🎁 #9. Matching Pajama Sets

What better way to brighten someone’s day with a matching set of pajamas for them and their dog! I purchased my set at Target (see picture above). They have a wide selection of patterns and colors to choose from, plus they have matching sets for dogs of all sizes! 

🎁 #10. Soggy Doggy Doormats 

Every dog owner knows the drill… their dog begs to go outside while it’s raining, and then tracks all of the outdoors back inside with them. The Soggy Doggy Doormat absorbs 5x more water than a regular doormat. It also helps with trapping dirt from their paw pads