Canine Respiratory Illness Impact

The WAGD leadership team is keeping vigilant on the latest information on the current canine respiratory illness. We are in discussions with local veterinarians and are watching the American Veterinary Medical Association recommendations. Those sources indicate that the illness has  been confirmed in only five states, all of which are either on the east or west coast. This illness is thought to spread much the same as other canine respiratory illnesses through direct contact or through water droplets from sneezing and coughing. Based on those facts we are taking the following steps to keep your dogs safe:

  • Continue our sanitizing protocol of the training rings and the outdoor turf 
  • Require a minimum of 6′ distance between all dogs
  • No sharing of water bowls (disposable bowls provided) 
  • Dogs displaying signs of illness are not allowed in the facility

At this time, we are not cancelling any training classes or lessons. We will continue to closely monitor for any new developments. Thank you for your continued support.