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Canine Respiratory Illness Impact

The WAGD leadership team is keeping vigilant on the latest information on the current canine respiratory illness. We are in discussions with local veterinarians and are watching the American Veterinary Medical Association recommendations. Those sources indicate that the illness has  been confirmed in only five states, all of which are either on the east or west coast. This illness is... Read more
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Are Two Pups Better Than One? Insight on Littermate Syndrome

Littermate syndrome is the term given to behavioral issues frequently seen when two pups of a similar age are raised together.  It most often occurs when two pups from the same litter are adopted by a family, though it can also be seen when two unrelated pups are raised together.  Interestingly, significant behavioral science studies have not been conducted on... Read more
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Basic Pet First Aid Seminars at WAGD!

Join us at What a Great Dog! Training Centers for our Basic Pet First Aid for Pet Parents seminar with Arden Moore, founder of Pet First Aid 4 Uplus Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey! We have two upcoming options: 📅Saturday, July 8th from 3-5 pm at Frisco -or- 📅 Saturday, July 15th from 3-5 pm at... Read more
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Intro to K-9 Search and Rescue Seminar

Join us for a new seminar conducted by the venerable Search One Rescue Team! Saturday, July 29th 4 – 6 pm at WAGD-Richardson The mission of Search One Rescue Team is to assist governmental agencies in locating lost or missing persons. Have you ever wondered if you and your dog have what it takes to join a search and rescue... Read more