Plan ahead for a smooth arrival

  • Arrive 10 minutes early. Give your pup a chance to potty outside. Be sure to clean up.
  • Keep your puppy close to you, on a short leash. Keep at least 6’ foot of space between your puppy and any other dogs.
  • For Richardson: Check in at our R2 satellite location located at 675 N. Glenville Dr. #165 Richardson, TX 75081.
    For Frisco: Check in at our training facility located at 10550 John W. Elliott Dr. #200 Frisco, TX, 75033.
  • School will start on time. Be sure to drop your puppy off between 7:30 AM – 8 AM.

Videos to review prior to your puppy's first day at school:

Happy Harnessing

Crating 101 (Happy Crating)

Learning to Settle in the Crate

How to Stuff a Food Enrichment Toy

Great Puppy! Day School Supply Checklist

We are so excited that you’ll be joining us! Please find the list of items you’ll need below to make this a huge success! All supplies can also be found in our retail store. Come shop today!