Helping your Puppy through Spooky Season! 🎃

Fall and Halloween themed decorations are popping up everywhere. Here’s how to help your puppy through this spooky season!

When your pup encounters these fall favorites on his walk, it can be startling and very scary for him. Be sure to bring extra tasty training treats on every walk and be on the lookout for any new decorations. If your pup is curious about anything new in a neighbor’s yard, say “yes” and reward him as soon as he looks at the object. Repeat this step several times. If you notice that your puppy seems worried about the object, move further away or find another route to take your pup on. Socialization is all about forming good, positive feelings about the world. If we push a pup into getting too close to a new item that they aren’t comfortable with, there’s a good chance that their fear will increase. By keeping them at a distance they are comfortable with, and creating a positive association by giving treat, you’ll have the best chance of increasing their confidence and making walks fun for you both.