Ellen is Director of the nosework program at WAGD, and joined the team in 2020. She teaches at all levels of nosework/scentwork and is designing the curricula used by the other nosework instructors at WAGD.

Ellen started training dogs in obedience when she was 14 in 4-H. She has dabbled in most dog sports over the years, but in 2014 she discovered Nosework and found her true passion.

She has been teaching nosework for the last 7 years, competes in four nosework venues, and is a judge for UKC, AKC and USCSS. Ellen was one of the judges at the first AKC Regional Scent  Work Competition in 2022, and writes a blog: sniffingaroundscentwork.com

Ellen competes with two dogs in nosework/scentwork, both Lagotto Romagnolos, and has a third dog, (Riley the Chihuahua), who is retired from nosework after being the 19th dog in the US to earn the UKC Elite Nosework title. Astra, her senior dog, has her Elite Nosework title (UKC) Nosework Champion (UKC), Scent Work Master, Scent Work Detective (AKC), and Elite 2 (NACSW). Astra has won many placements and High in Trial Awards. Yeti, her younger dog, has recently finished his first year of competition with his Scent Work Advanced title, and three High in Trial awards.

In addition to Nosework, Ellen works as a full time Research Analyst at a global law firm.

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