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The Best Way to Handle Puppy Biting

Puppy biting is a 100% natural canine behavior. Its also naturally outgrown as the pup matures. Punishing for puppy biting is not recommended as it puts your pup at an increased risk for developing other behavior problems. If you do a great job of meeting your pup’s needs, you’ll find that excessive puppy biting is greatly minimized.  Follow this handy... Read more
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New Pup and Senior Dog Woes

Got pup???!!! Adding a pup to your family is an incredibly joyous occasion (Yay!)   Unfortunately, issues often arise that put a damper on the fun (Boo!).   Difficulties between the new pup and the existing pets in your home is one of those areas. It is especially problematic when there is an older or more sensitive dog in the home. Many... Read more