Be Ready for Your Private Lesson - What a Great Dog! Training Center
October 5, 2015

Be Ready for Your Private Lesson

Ready for class sketch

A bit of planning will help you get the most out of your Pet Manners Private Lesson

  • Arrive 5 – 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Be sure to give your dog a nice, long opportunity to potty before entering the building.
  • Check-in at the front desk.
  • Keep your dog close to you on a short leash; don’t allow him to approach other dogs.

Bring the right stuff

  • Bring a motivated dog. For most, that means no food for at least 4 hours before training.
  • About 50+ pea sized pieces of very yummy treats.
  • Deep pockets or a waist attached treat pouch.
  • Dog wearing a plain collar and/or harness.
  • 4’ – 6’ leash made of leather, rope or nylon. Please don’t bring a retractable leash (e.g. Flexi-lead) or chain leash.

Note: The WAGD retail shop has all the gear you’ll need at great prices.