Is Your Dog a Jumper? Here’s a Great Tip!

Does your dog jump on everyone he sees? If so, be sure to click here!

Your dog’s greeting behavior starts with the way you allow him to greet you. Many dogs get overly excited even when their own family comes home. Since most dogs find guests much more exciting than their own family, the stage is set for out of control greetings for guests to your home! Start with creating the desired greeting behavior with your own family members.

The best thing you can do is to make sure your family greets your dog in a very low key way. If your dog learns to anticipate excitement upon your return, he’ll work himself into a frenzy. A better approach is to completely ignore your dog when he’s overly excited. At the point he finally calms, then ask him to sit and give him some affection. He’ll quickly learn that approaching you calmly is the quickest way to get to interact with you. And, that’s a great first step toward developing a “four on the floor” greeting for your family AND your guests.

If you still need help or have any questions, sign up for our upcoming Season’s Greetings workshop or schedule a private lesson, and we will gladly show you the steps to a polite greeter in no time!