Training Tips for the Holidays!

Want to make sure your dog is on his best behavior when guests arrive? Follow these three easy steps.

1. Exercise! Make sure your dog is tired before guests arrive. Take your pup for an early morning walk. The more exercise your dog gets, the more mellow he’ll be for you and your guests!
For Even More Success: Shake things up! Pick a new walking route. A little bit of novelty can greatly enhance your dog’s experience, and all of that mental stimulation will tire him out even more. Don’t forget to sprinkle in a little training while you’re out and about!
2. Practice your polite door greetings BEFORE the big day. If you’re worried about grandma getting knocked over, consider signing up for a in-facility or virtual private lesson. You’ll leave the lesson feeling confident, with your newly obtained skills for ending jumping permanently.
Remember This: Anything dogs practice, they get better at. Be sure to prevent your dog from practicing jumping by keeping him on a leash, behind a baby gate, or even in his crate, if needed. Be sure to reward your dog for good behavior!
3. Provide a diversion. While you and your family are busy chowing down, give your dog something interesting to do! Choose something more exciting than his normal chew toys. Bully sticks or a stuffed Toppl toy are great choices. Try stuffing the toy with moistened kibble mixed with something extra yummy like canned food, pumpkin or yogurt.
For Even Better Results: freeze the toy to make Fido’s feast last longer.