Keep Your Dogs Safe During the Holiday!

Fireworks and Fido just don’t mix! Here are some great tips to help your dog:
💥Make sure your dog has plenty of opportunities to go potty outside before the sun starts to set.
💥Keep your dog’s collar and ID tags on (just in case).
💥Leave your dog at home and indoors while you enjoy the outdoor festivities. Loud noises and big crowds can frighten and/or overwhelm your dog. We highly encourage another family member or a sitter to stay home with your pets if possible, especially if you have a new puppy or dog who hasn’t experienced fireworks before.
💥Think about creating a “safe room” for your dog. This would be a place where your dog can escape to when the fireworks start (i.e. a closet or somewhere ideally with no windows). You could add your dog’s bed or place a covered crate in the room if that’s something your dog likes laying in.
💥Create some white noise in your house (fans, music, TV, radio), and make sure all windows and blinds are closed.
💥Provide your dog with some enrichment. Stuffed interactive toys like Toppls, bully sticks or bones can help soothe your dog and keep them busy.
💥Homeopathic remedies (Like July 3rd or Progility Calming Chews from WAGD) provide relief for some dogs and are worth trying with yours. However, some dogs do best on a prescription med from your vet. Don’t let your dog suffer needlessly. Get him meds if he needs them.
⭐The WAGD shop stocks products that can help your pup get through the weekend. Our friendly staff members are here to answer your questions and offer suggestions for your dog!