Courtney Brown is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who joined the WAGD team in 2023. Courtney began her dog training career working with service dogs at Texas A&M University. She assisted in the raising and training of service dogs for four years, including one year serving as President of the organization. Courtney’s passion for detection work grew while volunteering as a K9 Handler for a local Search and Rescue team. She obtained several national certifications for SAR, instructed at seminars across the country, and served on the board of directors for the Search Dog Organization of North America for two years. Courtney actively trains and competes in a variety of dog sports with her German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, including schutzhund/IGP, mondioring, agility, competition obedience, rally obedience, nose work, barn hunt, and dock diving. She attends seminars on competition training and dog behavior across the country, taking a special interest in building drive and motivation, proper toy play mechanics, and managing arousal in working and sport dogs.