Katianna joined the WAGD trainer team as a part-time agility instructor in 2023.  She is a long-time agility competitor and previously trained seeing eye dogs. 

Katianna started attending agility classes in 2013 with the new love of her life, Tonza, a Dachshund/Cocker Spaniel mix. Additionally, she and Tonza earned their therapy dog certifications, and participated in local therapy dog programs for several years. Agility, both training and competing, has been a growing passion for Katianna. She thrives on continuously learning something new, and continuously improving. 

The relatively new addition to this agility team is a Borderpap, Pika. Never a boring day with this firecracker. You might recognize Pika from the dust trail she leaves behind racing through an agility course! 

Katianna believes you can achieve great and effective training by simply playing with your dog. She believes in positive training methods and deepening the bond with your dog through fun  games. The growing trust and increased confidence during such team-building games are also beneficial skills for daily life.