Meagan Johnson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed)  through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and a Certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM). Meagan joined the WAGD staff in 2018. Meagan has worked with families and their dogs around North Texas and virtually since 2012. She teaches Agility, Tricks, Rally, and Pet Manners classes, while also working one on one with families and their dogs addressing a myriad of behavioral issues like fear, frustration, anxiety, and over arousal.

Meagan dove deep into learning the science of force free training as she trained her first dog, Twig. Twig went on to become her first competitive agility dog in 2012. She has been passionate about the sport of dog agility ever since. Meagan has attended many seminars and webinars with the top agility handlers from around the world, taking new knowledge and fusing it together for training that’s always fun, energetic, and progressive. Meagan provides instruction that is engaging for students and their dogs. When it comes to agility, she believes it’s not just about the dog completing an obstacle, but how much they enjoy doing it and understand their job. Clarity brings confidence, and a good time for everyone!

Meagan’s current dogs include Brix, a socially awkward and fear reactive Border Collie that loves trick training, competes in Rally and Nosework, and is Meagan’s wingman in many of her classes and private lessons. She also competed nationally in Agility prior to retiring last year – and taught Meagan and others that just because it’s a Border Collie, doesn’t mean it’s easy! Tia is an Australian Shepherd that dabbles in Agility, Tricks, and Nosework. And finally, Coney Dog is a Chihuahua/Shih-Tzu mix rescued at the beginning of the pandemic who is getting ready to kick off his own Agility and Rally career, having earned his first couple of titles in both! You’ll see these guys around quite a bit, virtually and in person!

Brix: Agility: IND, SSN, AAD Tricks: TKP Rally: RL1X

Tia: Agility: BID, SSB Tricks: TKA

Coney: Tricks: TKI Rally: RL1