Paige Varvel joined the WAGD staff in January 2023 as an agility instructor.

Paige had a passion for animals from a very young age, and has built her career in various areas of the animal care and rescue fields. She has her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Texas A&M University, and had the honor of working with Glen Highland Farm Border Collie rescue for several years. During the day, Paige works at Operation Kindness as a Senior Operations Manager.

Paige finds her joy in teaching sports foundations and agility by helping handlers and their dogs find their way to an open, flowing communication between themselves. She loves watching the “lightbulb” click on between teams, and seeing their confidence grow! Paige has a passion for clear foundations for both dog and handler, and really enjoys training the small details.

Paige shares her life with a rescue Border Collie and Border Collie mix – Trip and Tunie. Tunie is an incredibly driven and dynamic Border Collie mix that Paige adopted as a puppy while working at Glen Highland Farm.  She is Paige’s first competition dog, and is currently trialing at the Masters/Senior Level in USDAA and UKI. Trip is Paige’s senior Border Collie, who is blind due to a previous illness that cut his sports career short. He has taught Paige so many incredible lessons about dog training through the years, and really enjoys playing in Barn Hunt each week.

In Paige’s down time, you will most likely find her walking Trip and Tunie on nature trails through DFW.

Tunie – MAD, TKA, RN, CGC
Trip – SSA, TKA, CGC

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