DIY Dog Paw Holiday Ornament

Make it a holiday to remember by creating a keepsake of your pup’s paw print! This simple DIY project can be a fun one for the kiddos to join in on, too!

1 cup salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
½ cup water
Parchment paper or wax paper
Straw/pen for adding a hole
Step 1. Mix salt, flour, and water in a bowl until it becomes firm, then kneed your dough for about half a minute.
Step 2. Place you dough on floured parchment paper and then roll flat with a rolling pin. You may need to add flour as you’re rolling.
Step 3. Cut individual circles with a cup or cookie cutter. The circles should be large enough to fit your pet’s paw.
Step 4. (Adults need to be sure to do this step.) Press your dog’s paw into the dough. Make sure to use plenty of treats!
Step 5. Use a straw/pen cap to make a small hole at the top of your ornament.
Step 6. Bake at 250 degrees in the oven for 2-3 hours or until completely dry.

Step 7. Once your ornament has cooled, grab some paint, glitter, pretty ribbon and get to decorating!

Disclaimer: Ornaments should be hung out of the reach of pets and are for decoration only.